An Opportunity to Potentially Save a Life - Become a Registered Stem Cell Donor!

This is one cause I am deeply driven by and I am super fortunate to have found this early in my life. I hope to contribute to 1000 new registered Blood Stem Cell donors. If you are reading this - please become one of the 1000. As of Dec ‘2023, I am at~50.

TL;DR → PLEASE Register below!!!

In 2019, the movie Sky Is Pink (a Bollywood Movie based on real-life events) was released. I watched it on a particular evening, during which I cried my heart out. It truly moved me and since then I realised the importance of blood stem cell donation and how lives can be saved only if we had more registered donors.

The simplest explanation of this cause is → Healthy blood stem cells result in building a strong immunity system and a lack of them may cause deadly infections, which in severe cases lead to the loss of life.

Only 30% of all patients are able to find a donor.

Thus, stem cell donation can help in successfully saving lives - however, it is not very easy to find a match because there are VERY FEW People who have registered to donate stem cells, especially in India.

40 Million Registered Stem Cell Donors Worldwide. ONLY 0.5 Million are from India, while India has millions of cases related to stem cell deficiency.

There is a major disparity in the registered donors available vs the number of cases in India. This means → Even if there may be a potential life-saver for a potential sufferer, there can be NO resolution since the life-saver is not a registered donor.

You could simply save a life by being a part of the library of donors, such that if ever someone is a match - you could save their lives.

Is the process to become a registered Donor harmful in any way?

This is not a harmful process at all. To become a donor, you need to do the following:
Step 2 → Swab Your Cheeks once you receive the Swab Kit Wait for a Swab Test, it takes a couple of days after filling out the form. Once you have received the Swab Kit, all you need to do is spend another 10 minutes to carefully complete the Swab Test and send it back. This is the only point of friction, but I hope you can ensure it is done. Just 10 minutes; all instructions are mentioned.
Step 3 → Send the Swab Kit Back Once you have completed Swabbing your cheeks, please send it back. This requires some effort, but is the last step in the process!

Thank you, you are now a registered donor - part of a registry wherein if somebody finds a match - you will be fortunate to have saved a life.

Hope you found some joy and passion to make this happen. I encourage you to share this further with generous people around you, if possible. It would mean a lot if we all do a part and contribute to more stem cell donors.

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