Join the ISV Capital Operator Network!

Join the ISV Capital Operator Network!

Curated Operator-Led Capital from the Top 0.01% Founders & Operators from across the globe.

ISV Capital has a network of 130 Operators, who have in total invested INR 30 Cr (USD 3.5 Million) across 21 partnerships (investments). This includes multiple Unicorn founders (OfBusiness, Groww, Mamaearth, Tracxn, Rubrik, Livspace, Shiprocket, Tracxn - to mention a few), exited founders turned Investors (Dr. Vaidya’s, Pickrr), as well CXOs from the best startups across the globe + a select few angel investors & family offices.

We are fortunate to have this tightly run operator network, adding value and capital to each partnership that we embark upon. We strongly believe that capital in today’s world is a commodity and the true differentiator is the value the capital adds. This is especially important in an asset class where the top decile of founders always chooses capital to partner with. This has been our core differentiator since Day 0 and it will always be our primary offering to early-stage founders looking for capital.

We also believe in maintaining strong, deep relationships with our active investors in order to ensure high involvement, rounded conviction and vibrant dialogue. This is a core component and differentiator for our syndicate and it helps enable a strong founder-investor partnership, also optimising for proprietary deal flow.

We always encourage more LPs to join our syndicate, but would definitely like to maintain stronger connections than usual. It helps to mention the value added that will be brought to the table from your end when applying to the syndicate, here are the links for the same.

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