Content Suggestions

Content Suggestions

Huge fanatic when it comes to quality content consumption. Here are some golden resources, which should help with content mostly around → startups, venture capital, general tech across the Indian and US landscape.

Most Recommended Blogs

Strongly believe that you could read all of Paul Graham, Shane Parish and Naval Ravikant and basically be done with the most important learnings of life. Here are some of the best blogs by them:

  • How To Be Successful by Sam Altman One of the best reads there exists. This is super evergreen and is something that I try to revisit every quarter/6 months.
  • Arm Yourself with Specific Knowledge by Naval Ravikant Very important principle to know, very difficult to live by. In tune with the 10,000 hour rule that a lot of folks talk about. Simply love it!
  • How to Think by Shane Parish Shane Parish is one of the best there is. His constant emphasis on thinking better, writing better and especially on things such as → consistency, discipline, boring work are all golden, always!
  • How To Do Great Work by Paul Graham PG Essays are the OG Essays that simplify life. While all of them are great, this recent one is a phenomenal read!
Most Recommended Podcasts

As a Podcaster, consuming the best content is not a choice - its imperative. These are the best podcasts I’ve come across!

→ Acquired FM The best tech podcast there is, period. Start off with the Benchmark/Sequoia Episode if you are a Venture Nerd, if not → start off with the LVMH / Uber Episode.

→ Masters of Scale Reid Hoffman is a legend, this podcast is amazing especially cause Reid is super pointed and knows being a founder + investor. Love the early episodes and how much the pod has transformed. Start off with the early ones if you’re new to it.

→ 20Min VC Harry Stebbings is a huge personal inspiration. An absolute machine, he has the best content in the ecosystem when it comes to Venture. Most of what I know about US Venture is because of this pod, absolute gold!

→ Invest Like The Best Love Patrick as a host. Very very interesting podcast with a variety of guests, must listen!

→ Think Fast, Talk Smart The best podcast for communicating well. It is one of the most crucial skills that exists. I love this podcast, and hugely recommend it if you want to improve your communication skills.

Most Recommended YouTube Channels

The greatest source of learning for me, which also includes some amazing podcasts!

→ Big Think

The best channel on new ideas, simplified by experts in short, concise (8-10 minute) videos.

→ View From The Top - Stanford GSB Lecture Series

The best lecture series. The conversations with Michael Moritz, Doug Leone, Vinod Khosla amongst others, are my favourite ones!

→ The Diary Of A CEO

Steven is a host I largely look up to. The best collection of multi-disciplinary insights in my opinion.

→ All-In Podcast

The best tech commentary there is. Amazingly insightful people with strong opinions, unafraid to express them with great comradry amongst them.

→ Indian Silicon Valley

Fair Plug-In since my pod is genuinely one of my go-to resources time and again!

Most Recommended YouTube Videos

Most Recommended Books

→ Glucose Revolution, Jessie Inchauspe

→ Think Again, Adam Grant

→ Four Thousand Weeks, Oliver Burkeman