Come, join the ISV Team!

We are expanding the ISV Team and looking for individual(s) to come be a part of this mission.

At ISV, we run - ISV Capital and ISV Podcast. We want to expand our community layer, while doubling down on venture investing. You will find details on both below!

ISV Capital Team

ISV Capital was borne because of the exciting conjunction of Capital x Community, with the vision to champion Operator-Led-Capital. In the last 24 months, we have built a considerable portfolio → https://indiansiliconvalley.in/portfolio & as we look to grow, we can leverage the combined energies of two folks here.

What are we looking for?

→ Strong passion for the Indian Startup Ecosystem. We feel this intrinsic passion is a critical ingredient for a successful career in venture investing.

→ Deep curiosity to explore different industries. Long-term curiosity is one of the primary traits common among great venture investors.

→ Looking forward to building a future career in investing. This can be a great learning ground to set you up for success in the future.

What will be your responsibilities?

→ Diligence

→ Thesis Building

→ Fund Operations

ISV Podcast Team

On the Indian Silicon Valley Podcast, we have made significant progress and we are looking to scale it up further. We are currently at 20,000 Subscribers and growing steadily on YouTube, but we want to experiment further to take this number to 100,000 Subscribers very soon.

We are looking to have someone join us to build -

  • Our newsletter and grow our base of listeners.
  • Expand curation capabilities.

If you are curious to learn more about Startups, Indian Tech and Venture Investing - this is the best opportunity to grow leaps & bounds via deep knowledge.

ISV Community Team

We have been routinely organising engagement activities, which add value to the varied stakeholders in the startup ecosystem. We finally want to grow this community and strategically think about how to differentiate ourselves and continue benefitting the broader ecosystem at large.

This will be very abstract as we co-built what Community means for us and how we do events which value quality & depth. If you are curious about what this could mean and enjoy bringing people together in a meaningful manner, hit us up.

If you’d be interested in helping ISV grow, write a 250-word essay on why you feel investing is for you and how you can help us out. Please send this essay to → jivraj@indiansiliconvalley.in